These 7 Meal Delivery Services Will Ship You All the Ingredients to Cook Your Own Thanksgiving Dinner

Want to cook your own Thanksgiving dinner, but need a little bit of help? We feel you. Here's our list of meal kit delivery services that will deliver all the Thanksgiving fixin's to your doorstep.

Hoping to cook a homemade Thanksgiving dinner this year, but you don't have time to shop? Or maybe you're hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and aren't sure how much to buy of each ingredient on your list? Worry not. 

It's meal delivery kits to the rescue! Thanksgiving meal kits that arrive conveniently delivered to your doorstep so you can easily cook them up in your own kitchen without the drama of long grocery store lines or confusing lists and measurements. These kits are all pre-measured with detailed instructions explaining exactly how to make each dish, and how to get it all timed perfectly for serving up at dinnertime. Ready to check them out?

Here's our list of meal kit delivery services you can order all your favorite Thanksgiving fixin's from, and cook them up in the comfort of your own kitchen.


HelloFresh has a choice of 2 handy Thanksgiving boxes for you this year, both deliverable for cooking up the contents in your own home. 

The Thanksgiving Box comes with a whole turkey, 4 sides, dessert, and a recipe booklet, with enough to feed 8-10 guests.

If you've already got your main dish, go with the Sides & Dessert Box, which features the pre-portioned ingredients to make 4 luscious sides and a dessert. Serves 8-10 guests. 

Sides include choices like:

  • Garlic mashed potatoes
  • Ciabatta stuffing
  • Green beans and caramelized shallots
  • Cranberry sauce with orange, ginger, and cinnamon
  • Classic gravy with garlic and herbs
  • Apple ginger crisp with cinnamon pecan crumble

Price: The Thanksgiving Box starts at $14.90 per serving while the Sides & Dessert Box start at $8.90 per serving. You can also get up to 60% off with one of these HelloFresh promo codes.


  • Breaks recipes into a four hour plan, assisting newbie chefs with helpful visual aids and detailed instructions to help them get everything on the table in time, together
  • Traditional Thanksgiving fare with a few twists to keep things fresh and unique
  • Keep in mind you can also order wine delivered (with proper ID) from HelloFresh with a 6-month subscription


  • Some found the desserts a bit too sweet

Bottom line:

HelloFresh offers a delicious, high quality option, with all the fixin's and plenty of instruction. HelloFresh Thanksgiving kits still may overwhelm a total newbie on their very first Thanksgiving, though — better if you have a team to help you if you're a novice.


Having guests for Thanksgiving and you really want to impress — but food shopping is truly not your forte? Let PeachDish gather up and send everything you need to make the perfect Turkey Day spread!

According to The Kitchn, PeachDish offers, "Southern-infused, seasonally inspired recipes developed by classically trained chefs." The week of Thanksgiving brings plenty of options to the usual PeachDish subscription (you can order it alone or as part of a subscription), including savory favorites like:

  • Organic Prairie Turkey & Thanksgiving Sides for up to 6 people - $185.00, and for up to 12 - $247.00.
  • Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy - serves up to 12 - $133.00.
  • Smoked City Ham & Thanksgiving sides - serves up to 6 - $125.00.

If you like, you can get just the sides instead of the whole meal kit, too. Fixin's for 6 servings of side dishes is $77.00. Larger amounts can be ordered here. Sides include:

  • Candied sweet potatoes
  • Creamed Brussels sprouts with mustard and shallots
  • Roasted Root Veggies
  • Cream biscuits
  • Pecan and apple dressing

Want a dessert to go with your dinner? They've got the ingredients for these homemade gems:

From fresh pecans to organic pumpkin puree, to made-from-scratch, prep-ahead organic crusts, organic dry ingredients, and a no-fail recipe to pull it all together, PeachDish's gorgeous Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Praline and Georgia Apple Pie with organic butter crust are sure to be the stars of your dessert table.

Be sure to place your order by Sunday, November 11th in order to receive these in time for Thanksgiving.


  • Turkey & Sides for up to 6 people - $185.00, and for up to 12 people - $247.00
  • Turkey with Pan Gravy for up to 12 - $133.00, 
  • Ham & sides for up to 6 - $125.00.
  • 6 servings of side dishes is $77.00. Larger amounts can be  ordered here.
  • Pies shown above are $36.99 for up to 12 servings. (There's also a kit to make a Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie for only slightly more - $38.99 for 12 servings.)

You can also get up to 15% off your order with one of these PeachDish promo codes.


  • A few variations to choose from for Thanksgiving kits, sides, desserts
  • Good quality
  • Less packaging waste than some other meal delivery subscription services


  • Some reported their recipe cards being tucked in around the packing and boxes, so be sure not to throw the box away before you've gathered them
  • Pricey
  • Spices included are mild for some palettes; add heat gradually as you feel comfortable
  • Free shipping is not offered for the one-off orders for Thanksgiving - only for subscribers

Bottom line:

If the prices don't stop you, PeachDish's Thanksgiving meal kit dinners are ideal for a group or couple cooking together at home. The recipes are detailed with pictures and easy to follow.  Just make sure you don't accidentally throw them away in the box.

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon  

Martha Stewart (along with the help of meal kit delivery service Marley Spoon) helps you navigate your hectic holiday this year with the Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving Box, filled with the fixin's for a 10-person meal, complete with all the sides, homemade pie, and 14-lb turkey.

Thanksgiving boxes are available for purchase until November 14th — or until sold out. Get yours today!

Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Meal Kit includes simplified instructions, one frozen free range antibiotic-free turkey (will need to thaw 2-3 days in the refrigerator), fixins for 4 sides, and dessert ingredients. Sides include such treats as:

  • Classic herbed stuffing with dried cherries
  • Spiced apple oat crisp
  • Big Martha's mashed potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Green beans with fried shallots and lemon
  • Roasted root veggies with brown butter, sage, and almond

Expect your box delivered on Monday November 19th or Tuesday November 20th, depending  upon your zip code. You'll see delivery options at the time of your order. 

Price: $159.99. You might also be able to find Marley Spoon coupon codes here.


  • Free shipping throughout most of the contiguous U.S.
  • Can be purchased alongside your regular Martha & Marley Spoon subscription, or as a one-off separate holiday order by itself
  • You'll get a fancy Martha Stewart Thanksgiving meal kit for dinner, which will surely delight guests


  • Not much variation, no choices
  • Expensive
  • Some felt the oat crisp was not a substantial enough dessert for Thanksgiving

Bottom line:

If you're a Martha Stewart fan, you don't mind the price, and you like to keep things super simple, this Marley Spoon box could be for you. While there are no choices, you'll be fine to dazzle guests when you get this Martha Stewart Thanksgiving dinner delivered, even with just these few options - although you may want to have someone bring an extra dessert or two.


With FreshDirect's Thanksgiving options, you can choose between assorted brands of small, medium, and large organic, antibiotic-free turkeys for delivery between November 13-22.

Add a tasty box of veggies and sides to be delivered in that same time frame, plus a juicy turkey, for a total of $119.00 when you order delivery for Thanksgiving from FreshDirect. This box, 100% organic and locally grown at Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, will feed 6-8 people and will feature:

  • Your turkey
  • Golden potatoes
  • Baby bella mushrooms (to be added to your own homemade stuffing recipe)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Yellow onions
  • Heirloom garlic
  • Butternut squash
  • Orange carrots


  • Turkeys range from $2.99/pound to $8.99/pound.
  • Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative Local Organic Thanksgiving Dinner Farm Share box - $119.00.
  • You can also get turkey alternatives like chicken, duckling, and Cornish hens, ranging in price from $2.49/pound to $5.99 pound.
  • The Thanksgiving Essentials bundle is $69, feeds 6-8 folks, and includes choices like: 
    • Green bean casserole 
    • Baked mac and cheese with parmesan breadcrumbs
    • Brown sugar glazed roast vegetables
    • Creamed spinach
    • Steamed kale and garlic
    • Gravy
    • Brioche buns
    • Baguettes
    • Soft rolls
    • Cornbread
    • and more
  • Easy appetizers, cheese and fruit platters, & easy heat-and-serve appetizers range from $4.99 to $80.00 here
  • Salads and veggie platters range from $21 to $75 here
  • Need a baster, cooking twine, oven bags, aluminum foil roasting pans, or parchment? Get them here for delivery with your food, ranging in price between $2.49-$7.99.

You can get $25 off your first order with one of these FreshDirect promo codes, too.


  • Turkeys come lightly pre-cooked but will still need several hours of additional cooking
  • Instruction provides details necessary for successful first timers
  • Choices are customizable for your family's favorites
  • Large selection
  • High quality


  • Some reported deliveries were later in the day (past the 2-hour delivery window) than expected
  • Others noted some of their food had thawed more than desired in transit

Bottom line:

FreshDirect is a quality company with decent products and mostly satisfied customers. Although you may get things later than anticipated, it should all be there and it should all be fresh and worth serving. If anything is wrong when you get your order, you'll be credited a replacement.

Sun Basket

When you've got your main dish covered and all you need are the sides to complete the plate, try Sun Basket. This company provides 100% organic produce, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and eggs, as well as wild-caught seafood recommended as either Best Choice or Good Alternative by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program.

Order these tasty ready-to-cook sides from Sun Basket ASAP if you want delivery by November 21st. Choose from such unique options as:

  • Kale and leek gratin with gruyere
  • Brussel sprouts with delicata squash, currants, and hazelnuts
  • Williams-Sonoma Italian sausage and apple stuffing

Price: You'll need to be a subscriber to Sun Basket to get these deals. Pricing for subscriptions are: 

  • Classic Meal Plan - Fixins for 3 meals delivered weekly at $11.99 per serving (see details here).
  • Family Meal Plan - Up to 4 family-size recipes sent weekly for $10.99 each (see details here).
  • Note: If you order the sides with the 2-person Classic Meal Plan, you'll get 8-10 servings; orders on the 4-person Family Plan gets you 16-20 servings.

You can also get up to $40 off your first shipment with these Sun Basket promo codes.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Delicious foods offered
  • Upgrade a meat cut as you wish for a fee
  • Plentiful menu selection (up to 18 options per week, from Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, Quick & Easy, or Chef's ChoiceLean & Clean, Diabetes-Friendly)


  • Expensive
  • Recipes less simple than other similar services
  • No free shipping

Bottom line:

You'll need to subscribe to get a Thanksgiving meal kit delivered from Sun Basket, but we're fairly certain you'll enjoy it if you don't mind the price. Although not exactly the traditional Thanksgiving fare, the sides are delectable in taste - so you may want to consider a new tradition of having them for the holiday!

Fresh Fork Market

Those in the Cleveland, Ohio vicinity can look forward to a mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast delivered for cozy at-home cooking from Fresh Fork Market.

Choose between their pasture-raised Market Turkeys or Heritage Turkeys (differences explained here), and an 'All the Fixings' Thanksgiving package, including:

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Red potatoes
  • Shallots
  • Garlic
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Lettuce
  • 4 winter squash
  • 1/2 peck apples
  • Whole wheat bread, cubed, for stuffing
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Frozen sweet corn

They'll also open a special online shop one week before Thanksgiving from which you may order extras like:

  • Bulk sausage
  • Bacon
  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Rolls
  • Bread
  • Extra produce
  • Cheese

Don't forget dessert! You can get Crumb Top Apple or Creamy Pumpkin pies pre-ordered also. All turkeys, extras, desserts, and fixins are to be delivered on either Monday, November 19th, Tuesday, November 20th, or Wednesday, November 21st.

Note: These turkeys are delivered fresh — not frozen — so keep this in mind to prepare for your proper cooking time.

Price:  Market Turkeys are $4/pound; Heritage Turkeys are $5/pound. You'll need to put down $20 deposit to pre-order your turkey, with the rest due at delivery. You can order an 'All the Fixings' Thanksgiving package without a turkey too, for $50.00. Pies are $15.00 each pre-ordered


  • Maintains a 4.8 star rating on FaceBook after 176 reviews
  • Maintains a solid 5-star rating on Yelp after 15 reviews
  • Thanksgiving turkeys are described as 'phenomenal'
  • Great quality produce 
  • Supports local farm families


  • Some felt the dairy offerings they had were lower quality

Bottom line:

Locals love Fresh Fork Market for their fresh organic options and excellent customer service. Live within 75 miles of their address? Let them dazzle you for Thanksgiving with meal kit delivery fixins dropped off at your door and add your magic touch to the preparation!

Homegrown Foods

The Minneapolis area can rest easy knowing Homegrown Foods has everything any citizen needs for a full Thanksgiving dinner - and they sit right smack in the center of their delivery zone! 

Homegrown Foods Thanksgiving meal kits contain a turkey feast with all the fixins you need to make:

  • Ferndale Market Roast Turkey
  • Creamy Garlic Whipped Potatoes
  • Sage Dressing with Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Yams with Maple Streusel
  • Roasted Carrots
  • Garlic-Green Beans with Almonds
  • Crunchy Kale Salad with Clementine Vinaigrette
  • Pumpkin Pie with Homemade Crust

All the pre-measured ingredients for your Thanksgiving Dinner Kit recipes, and detailed instructions on how to prepare all items for the table at the same time will be delivered to your doorstep by Wednesday, November 21st. (Need it earlier? Contact them at or 1-612-927-2296.) 

  • The 4-6 serving size equates to a 10-12 pound turkey and one 10 inch pumpkin pie
  • The 8-10 serving size = a 14-16 pound turkey and same size pie as above
  • The 12-14 serving size = a 18-20 pound turkey and same size pie as above

Inquire with customer service for earlier delivery dates or purchasing just sides without the turkey. To request gluten-free meals, check the Notes section of the Checkout page.


  • Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, servings for 4-6: $85.00.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, servings for 8-10: $135.00.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, servings for 12-18: $185.00.


  • Plenty of variation
  • Lots of ingredients are sourced locally
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Creative meal planning
  • Maintains solid 5-star ratings on Google reviews and Yelp (although only about 10 reviews exist)


  • Expensive
  • Restricted delivery area (Minneapolis only)

Bottom line:

This must be Minneapolis' best kept little meal kit secret. No planning, shopping, or recipe searching required - they've got it all ready, and it's headed your way for Thanksgiving. Just let them know how many servings you'll need, sign up for the right kit, and voila! Let the feasting begin.

Note: We really wanted to include the Chef'd Thanksgiving dinner meal kit as well, as it's been a hit in recent years. But they recently shut down over the summer, and haven't been seen back in business since.  

And although we called Blue Apron to find out if they had any special Thanksgiving dinner delivery feasts on offer this season and they sadly reported they did not, we did find a smaller meal kit you can try here — with only two pieces off the turkey, not the whole thing, sides, and dessert, designed to serve only 4.


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